Orman’s Furniture is Overland Park’s antidote to the out-of-state, big-box stores that promise more than they can deliver.


We don’t just sell furniture, we sell value. Consumers need to remember that the answer to “What is cheapest?” relies on the answer to the corollary question: “Cheapest to buy or cheapest to own?” In all product categories, there are items with a spread of first costs.



The costs over time (maintenance, repair, replacement cycle, etc.) have to be factored into “cheapest”. Is the $499 mattress that isn’t comfortable after 6 months cheap or expensive? Is the sofa whose cushions are a mess after 18 months cheap or expensive? Is the chest of drawers with broken drawer pulls and peeling finish cheap or expensive? If you can’t reach someone to service a problem, how important does price become in the equation?



Contrary to popular belief, not all stores’ customer service departments are created equal. At Orman’s, we believe that value is the relationship of quality to price paid.



We handle products that are worth the money in the long run. We believe in interesting pieces rather than common, commercial furniture. Many of our products are shown in industry publications. We sell from our displays or help you specify a special factory order. Our deluxing and delivery process is second to none. We understand furniture design and construction and can answer your questions and help guide your selections. Our knowledgeable sales staff cares about your purchase and its value in filling your needs. These traits are just as important as price!